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Breaking News for Owner-Builders

Our state-of-the-art technology systems are now being implemented right before our very eyes - as we read this today! 

Jim Homyak's brainchild, Master Planned Housing (at its finest) coupled with Integrated Lifestyle Management, is no longer the far-fetched pipe-dream that it used to be. Jim now has his initial framework up and running. 

Being able to organize everything as an Owner-Builder General Contractor has just gotten light years easier. As of December 2017, the building blocks have all been laid to create a tremendous foundation for the housing industry going forward.

We are seeking a financial partner or angel investor
to back our start-up stages and see us grow

Household Dynamics will make it easier to configure your entire lifestyle just the way you want it, and then to build and equip any style of home just the way you would need it.... and, we'll keep it so simple to create, update and maintain all the communications detail... and, then you'll be better able to keep everything going together with everybody involved.

For at least the foreseeable future - while you are using your own secured in-house version of us... that is, if you would care to design and build one (to download and install) for yourself... Jim is likely to rename this part of the program too...  but for now it's Virtual Integrated Home Builder.

Stop and think for a minute!

You read that right. You are learning about one of the leading economic opportunities of the century...

The opportunity to launch the first new
central home network to get us all beyond...



Social media...

e-Mail & Messaging...

The Main Stream Media...


We are out here ~ just beyond

Facebook & Google


Now who'd of thunk
Jim Homyak would bring
us all of this???



He's pleased to be connecting all the dots from there over to Virtual Integrated Lifestyle Management and from there through all of the administrative record keeping to be totally self-governing, recorded locally, for each and every one of the people who entrust themselves to designing and equipping their lifestyles through Household Dynamics.


Household Dynamics is a flexible and powerful platform which will provide you,

...whether you are building a small cabin for yourself near a lake...

...or a huge house with hundreds or thousands of details...

...or you're just trying to get updated pricing and availability to match your project start date...

with access to resources from your own database
in conjunction with accessing our central hub network in a more secured and streamlined fashion.    


Household Dynamics started out in the year 1990 with a software system concept framed up in writing. By the year 2000, a prototype based initially within the IBM OS/2 Warp 4 Operating System, was being created at home. It wasn't until after OS/2 Support ended from IBM in the early 2000's that we began to pursue the open source Linux operating system and the open source Mambo CMS, which then gave us the opportunity to evolve toward making it work just the way you want it to. Plenty of work went into the Windows based lab to convert Mambo CMS to Jimbo CMS. Work went on hold over a couple of spans, only to be introduced here now, finally. Better yet, we're giving it away free too. It really is very easy to unzip the distribution, invoke the setup routine and login. Our download can turn your Windows Laptop or PC system into a private home Web Server.


The most exciting aspect for us, is that your home's new operating system is generated and configured from your project database records here in our system. After that, all of this virtualization logic becomes integrated into your household, thereby allowing you to live off-grid with it independently. 


The initial program content in your free download of Household Dynamics has been designed to give you an in depth tour of Household Dynamics' features and how we've adapted them to become your owner-builder home building project management and lifestyle management system with virtually unlimited state-of-the-art features to bring sophistication to your life without even a hint of the high-tech rat race. 


We are so happy to see what a determined family can do 

Now for an even more amazing story...


It's totally by design that our VIHB is able to catalog all of the media needed to accomplish "Do It Myself" home building and with a twist...  that being this:


All of the companies producing products for homes and lifestyles can enjoy knowing the fact that all of the items needed to build and equip a lifestyle for anyone, from a single woman to an entire family, can be easily integrated into the Purchase Order system and timeline functions inside the VIHB... and then the owner-builder gets all of those products into their home without having to source anything through a retail channel. In other words, the products get to your house without very much of the conventional advertising, marketing, shipping and handling schemes of those respective producers. It's a win-win way to streamline the supply chain. The well-written plans from VIHB are designed to include the part numbers and prices of everything from A to Z. Due to the fact that the VIHB includes Web Services, that means all the Central Hub Network data exchange can happen automatically with suppliers directly over the Internet.

"When I can drag-n-drop a plan template onto my WorkArea,
and have all the data populate...  that will be a hoot!"  ~ Jim Homyak

A   D e d i c a t e d   a n d   S k i l l e d   W o r k f o r c e

Team Members

Properly funded,
the new HD RDC
can pursue working
in Association with:

North American Steel Framing Alliance

Hawaii  Pacific Steel Framing Alliance

 H o u s e h o l d   D y n a m i c s

  T & F ' s   S t e e l   F r a m i n g   S y s t e m s
T&F's Steel
Framing Systems


HomeStyles Floorplans

Metal Sales


Nova Brik  Morterless Bricks

Decra Steel Shingles

No Coat Drywall Products

Icynene Insulation

ET&F Fastening Systems

Energy STAR Program

Other Cool Places
on the Web

Home Depot

Lowes Home Improvement

Smart Home Products

TradeReady Flooring Systems
TradeReady™ Flooring















































   C O N S U L T I N G  

Our team has over 40 years combined experience in the following areas:

  • Innovative Building Concepts & Techniques
  • Residential Steel Framing, Flooring, & Roofing
  • Concrete and Steel Foundations
  • Commercial Steel Building Systems
  • Steel Framing Tools and Drywall Tools
  • Home Automation and Home Networking
  • E-Commerce & E-Business Systems
  • Advertising, Sales and Marketing
  • Planned Community Development
  • Energy Efficient Technologies
  • Affordable Housing Technologies
  • Product and Service Development
  • Business and Market Development
  • Project Management Resources

Additional Information

   E D U C A T I O N 
  &   T R A I N I N G 

In alliance with the following Minnesota companies, Household Dynamics Residential Development Corporation (HDRDC) is planning a new 150,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose facility in Minnesota over the next several months.


  • Household Dynamics, Inc.
  • T&F's Steel Framing Systems
  • Midland Building Systems, Inc.
  • Brooklyn Technical Services, Inc.
  • Homeowner Mortgage Corporation
  • Home BuildingWorks, Inc.
  • Northland Capital, Inc.

We are finding it essential to educate the industry and tradesmen, plus we have found that we must offer hands-on training to the owner/builder and do-it-yourselfer.

Click here to enroll in our innovative Project Management System for Owner-Builders.

HD RDC is taking the initiative... we have made it our mission to be responsible for training the entire marketplace in the construction of an affordable yet durable housing product.
Full Story.

   C O N T R A C T I N G  
&   E N G I N E E R I N G

All construction projects are managed by Household Dynamics. For more information, please contact Jim Homyak as listed below. Any one of us are here to help answer your questions.... and help you begin your education process.
More Information

   N E T W O R K I N G   & 
  D E V E L O P M E N T

• Housing Development

By working to form alliances with hundreds of businesses known for thousands of products and services, HD RDC is organizing an ambitious effort. Our recent presentations have been well received... we are talking with new people every day. Click into our Affiliate Network for a glimpse into a broad range of synergies we are creating
. Full Story.

• Commercial Development

The small commercial and light industrial building business is facing challenges on many fronts, and it's obviously time for some new ideas and new solutions. HD RDC is ramping up our Phase 1 Development project. Full Story.

   S E R V I C E S   &   M O R E


Home ownership in general, and the needs associated within households will, over time, require a wide variety of fact finding, decision making and service providers.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding three new services we are developing:

Virtual Integrated Home Builder™
Virtual Integrated Lifestyle Management™
Master Planned Housing™
Under Construction

Several value-added services such as product integration, owner/builder education and powerful project management software are currently under development and planned for deployment in our new facilities.
Stay Tuned!

   M E E T I N G S   &
   C O M M U N I C A T I O N S


January 2018

February 2018


Click here to download our
outdated Business Plans (members only)


   N E W S   &   E V E N T S

Household Dynamics had previously selected Northland Capital, Inc. in Shakopee as one of its financial and consulting partners.

Full Story.

Jim Homyak had worked on setting up initial meetings to assemble an advisory board.

Full Story.

   C O N T A C T S  
&   E - M A I L
Former Management Team
Jim Homyak - former CEO
formerly Household Dynamics, Inc.
(406) 589-6927
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Richard Talkington Fletcher - former COO
T&F's Steel Framing Systems
1 (507) 920-5368

Wendy Homyak - former EA

Former Advisory Team

Steve Nelson - former Mortgage Banker

David Mattonen - Investment Broker
Northland Capital, Inc.
(952) 445-9393



   C O L L A B O R A T I V E 
  O P P O R T U N I T I E S




Current Dream Team


Jim Homyak - Technology Entrepreneur
Homyak Systems
(406) 589-6927


Open Seat - Data Security Expert
Homyak Systems
(406) 589-6927


Open Seat - Customer Engineer
Homyak Systems
(406) 589-6927


Open Seat - Community Strategist
Homyak Systems
(406) 589-6927


Open Seat - Virtual Cloud Hosting
Homyak Systems
(406) 589-6927
   L O C A T I O N S  
&   D I R E C T I O N S


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